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We have an offer of courses accredited by the Global Wind Organization (GWO).

With us you will be able to train in the Blade Repair (BR) course for wind blade repair and soon the complete training in the Basic Safety Training (BST), (BSTR) and (ART) modules.


It is a non-profit organization established by the world’s leading manufacturers and owners of wind turbines.

GWO standards are created by the industry, for the industry. Members are the world’s leading manufacturers and owners of wind turbines and represent the majority of installed wind power capacity worldwide. Together, they share risk information and expertise to create training standards that improve safety and create a competent workforce.

Why should you get accredited with GWO?

The Global Wind Organization has identified the safety training needs for jobs in companies in the wind energy sector. With all this data and in collaboration with the main companies and agents in this industry, it has developed a series of standardized procedures, each one with a different specialty so that the student can be certified in what they need.


Our Courses

Official GWO course, aimed at manufacturers and owners of wind turbines, maintenance companies, as well as all personnel working in the wind sector, specifically in relation to blade inspection and repair.
GWO BR course + a comprehensive service in which we take care of all the necessary logistics during your training. This service includes: GWO BR course, accommodation, transportation and food.
Coming soon
The BST course consists of different modules that reflect the different facets of basic training required for safety, prevention and emergency response in wind turbine work.