January 26, World Environmental Education Day

Today is World Environmental Education Day, and as a team committed to the clean and ecological development of our world, we join in remembering the objectives of environmental education...

♻ Become aware: Help people and social groups to become more sensitive and aware of the environment in general and its problems.

♻ Knowledge: Helping individuals and social groups acquire a basic understanding of the environment as a whole, related problems and the presence and role of humanity in it, which implies a critical responsibility.

♻ Attitudes: Help people and social groups to acquire social values ​​and a deep interest in the environment that drives them to actively participate in its protection and improvement.

♻ Skills: Help individuals and social groups to acquire the necessary skills to solve environmental problems.

♻ Evaluation capacity: Help people and social groups to evaluate environmental education measures and programs based on ecological, political, economic, social, aesthetic and educational factors.

♻ Participation: Help people and social groups to develop their sense of responsibility and to become aware of the urgent need to pay attention to environmental problems, to ensure that appropriate measures are taken in this regard.

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