GWO BST: Basic Safety Training

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The BST course consists of different modules that reflect the different facets of basic training required for safety, prevention and emergency response in wind turbine work.
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The Basic Safety Training course consists of different modules that reflect the different facets of the basic training necessary for safety, prevention and response to emergencies in working with wind turbines.


GWO BST/BST-R Working at Height
GWO BST/BST-R Fire Awareness
GWO BST/BST-R Manual Handling (Cargo Movement)


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The objective of this module is to train participants, through theoretical and practical training, to use basic personal protective equipment and perform safe work at heights and safe and comprehensive basic rescues from heights in a remote wind turbine environment.

The objective of this course is to provide Participants with basic knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical training. Participants must be able to prevent fires, make appropriate judgments when assessing a fire, manage the evacuation of personnel, and ensure everyone is safely accounted for in the event of an unmanageable fire. If the incident is deemed safe, Participants must be able to efficiently extinguish an initial fire using basic hand-held firefighting equipment.

The objective of this BST Module is to enable the Participants to administer safe and effective First Aid in the wind turbine industry / WTG environment, in accordance with the GWO First Aid training through theoretical and practical training. In addition, this training will enable the delegate to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The goal of this module is to encourage positive manual handling and ergonomic behavior, encourage participants to consider alternatives to manual handling through planning, and train participants in the ability to perform manual handling tasks safely in the workplace. wind turbine industry/environment.

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