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About this course

GWO BR course + a comprehensive service in which we take care of all the necessary logistics during your training. This service includes: GWO BR course, accommodation, transportation and food.


We know that training your employees is a priority for your company, however we are aware of the complications generated by moving them to another city, even another country to be able to carry out this type of training. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive service in which we take care of all the necessary logistics during your training.

This service includes:

  • Training: Blade repair course (GWO BR).
  • Accommodation: 10 nights of accommodation in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.
  • Food: Breakfast at the hotel and lunch at the training center.
  • Transportation: All transfers from your arrival at the airport, until the end of the course.


70 Horas

Regular price

Introductory Price

Students per course

12 Alumnos


Demonstrate knowledge of the course content and the facilities involved to ensure a clear understanding of what is expected during the course.
Work safely with applicable chemicals while wearing applicable personal protective equipment in a controlled manner in all phases of compound inspection and repair work.
Explain typical types of composite construction, materials, and the importance of surface finish in relation to aerodynamic performance and efficiency.
Distinguish materials and work safely in a controlled manner with epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, methacrylate, reinforcing materials, and solvents related to composite inspection and repair work.
Preparar, operar y mantener las herramientas y equipos correctos, ya sean eléctricos o mecánicos.
Safely perform and document laminate, sandwich panel, and surface layer repairs in accordance with work instructions on fiberglass-reinforced composite parts.

What will you learn?

Program Sections

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Safety data sheets
1.3 Work instructions
1.4 Risk Assessment
1.5 Security area
1.6 Pollution
1.7 Waste separation
1.8 Ergonomics
1.9 Lock out Tag out

2.1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
2.2 Masks and Filters

3.1 Chemical safety
3.2 Compounds and blade construction
3.3 Materials
3.4 Tools and equipment
3.5 Test phase

4.1 Skills for lamination
4.2 Basic lamination
4.3 Sandwich Panel
4.4 Painting
4.5 Blade Inspection
4.6 Lightning Protection System Inspection
4.7 Grinding skills
4.8 Sanding
4.9 Laminate repairs
4.10 Pasting
4.11 Superficial repairs
4.12 Trailing Edge Repairs
4.13 Leading Edge Repairs
4.14 Sandwich panel repairs
4.15 Repairs on feeder lines
4.16 Final test of the course
4.17 Comments and final observations.

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