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The first to teach GWO BR in Mexico.

AEROFORM WIND TRAINING is a training center specialized in renewable energy, initially focused on the wind sector.

Our courses are aimed at manufacturers and owners of wind turbines, maintenance companies, as well as all personnel working in the wind sector, specifically in relation to inspection and repair of wind turbines.

How did AEROFORM WIND TRAINING come about?

We are a training company born from the union of professionals backed by extensive experience, with the aim of turning our collaborators into highly trained personnel through our courses.

Thanks to the “learning by doing” method, the student will be an active part of their own learning through practical teaching and experimentation.

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What moves us?


Offer our collaborators essential training in the wind sector, according to their professional needs, using the latest and most advanced training technologies, both theoretical and practical, maintaining high levels of safety and quality in each of our courses.

What inspires us?


To be a benchmark in Mexico as a specialized training center for the wind sector through an innovative, educational and avant-garde method.

These are the values that guide us.


Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the wind sector. Driven by the need to help our students become great professionals in the sector through our training.


We are committed to exploring and incorporating the latest and most advanced training technologies into our training. Incorporating new ideas within our organization with the aim of keeping us in constant growth.


Safety is our main pillar, which is reflected in each area of our facilities, in the quality of the resources used and in the daily commitment of our staff.